Monday, April 25, 2016

Final Communication Artifact

For our group project I was put in charge of the packaging of the company. First and foremost, the company we are representing and trying to re-brand is Saint George's favorite drink stop, "Swig". As far as Packaging I decided to take on the task of re-designing the cups used at Swig. Before I go into detail about the specifics of the design I am going to talk about the type of cups we will be using. Swig usually uses the Styrofoam cups, but with the re-brand in packaging we've decided to add a plastic cup for a better and more attractive design. Shown below is the first cup which is the 24 oz model.

As you ca see the logo and the color scheme changed! With a more serious and vibrant look I feel that people will be excited to not only buy and drink the wonderful refreshments served, but also be excited about the cool cup they got from swig. The cups are similar to their original form, but have evolved into a much more modern, plastic, coffee shop similar cup. For the 24 oz I decided to go with the pink stripe and yellow tree to represent it's size almost saying I taste good but I'm smaller  and contained.

Moving on to the next cup design we have the 32 oz cup. The yellow is brighter and I feel fit for a slightly larger cup. I liken this cup to a sun rise because when the sun rises the light continuously expands until it is overbearingly bright, and with that being said I feel that it would be hard for a customer/consumer to pass it up and not buy, A a great drink, and B a a fun vibrant cup.

The Last of the Basic cup selection is the 44 oz cup. When designing this cup it's the idea that you have accomplished something or finished the race. I say this because of the color explosion on the cup itself. Every color in our color scheme is represented here. In the first two cups you get some of the color and half the size, but when you get the 44 oz cup you get the fullness of your drink and an even more exciting cup in complete color. The point of the design and new plastic makeup is to excited the customer and non-verbally persuade that individual that they must have this drink and cup because there is nothing like it.

Before moving on to the final designs I have the rubric to which it entails the color scheme we are using and the customer analysis of who we are trying to reach specifically in regards to customers.

The last two designs I have left are what I call the deluxe cups. I hand drew these designs because I couldn't quite get it on the computer. One cup is 32 oz's and the other is 44 oz's. These cups are meant to be used as refillable cups that you can use again and also for orders that include 3 or more flavors. The first design of the deluxe cups is the 32 oz. This cup is Banner like in nature with a palm tree design circling the name of the organization which is Swig. Under that there is the new slogan which is "Mix it Up". We incorporate that because every drink at swig is a mixture of other drinks , especially in the deluxe cups that have 3 or more flavors. The design in my mind was also cool because its different, serious, and it pops. Below is the hand drawing I did for the design.

The Last Deluxe Cup which is the 44 oz I feel is the coolest and most unique design. With this one it looks like a beach in a cup, because you have the name itself on the cup with a beach umbrella incorporated, but to add more funk to this hip cup the phrase mix it up is plastered all over the cup in different fonts and colors, which is new and never done before. It's a design that speaks with this generation and especially college students. This also is a banner type cup that will wrap around the whole cup.

The last of the designs is the deluxe 44 oz cup itself.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mis En Scen (Inception Hallway)

In my piece of the presentation I had the responsibility of presenting the Hallway involved in the spinning Hotel scene in the movie inception. First, I have to acknowledge the man responsible for the the hallway itself  Mr Wally Pfister. He and 500 crew members created the spinning hallway out of a center Fuse and 30 ft wheels which were ran by 55 mph motorcycle engines. If one of those engines was off by even a little bit the actors could have been tied or severely injured, so do to this they had to be extremely precise in their actions. The hallway was created in the cardington sheds, where the batman movies were filmed.

  • When it came to lighting there were no props involved. Instead of sticking to the old cliche of using fake lights, actual lighting was built into the set and into the walls of the hallway.
  • To be able to get the shots they needed for the hallway they placed a camera on a crane in the middle spinning only the hallway so that the camera would remain out of sight and not be a safety hazard.
  • When it came to the action in the scene the hallway sped up on short sides, but it sped up on the longer sides to allow the actors and those involved to get from point A to point B. 

  • In order to create the fight scene which only accounts for 30 seconds of screen time the actors had to train for several weeks to learn how to not only fight, but how to also navigate along the hallway in a safe manner. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Composing my frame (late)

I took this picture leaving the third floor of the Holland building early in the morning. I saw the view and how all the lines seems to dive to one focal point, and even the law of proximity. Seeing this I couldn't resist taking the picture, however; pertaining to the assignment I used the rule of thirds in taking this picture. The rule of thirds is seen in the lines within the picture, and that was the most prominent feature of the whole setting. There are lines in all of the railing from the top to bottom giving it a smooth flow to the smaller bottom of the staircase. Also lines are seen in the class under the railing and they are vertical instead of horizontal or angled, which makes this picture really pop. The lines can also be seen in the walls, the stairs, and surprisingly in the carpet showing both vertical and horizontal lines. I tried to get a human element involved in the picture, though it is small there is one individual at the very bottom of all the commotion which makes all of the different layers involved really stand out.

Axioms of Web Design (Late)

I chose to use as my web design example. I love it because I am an athlete and they literally have every piece of athletic equipment you could imagine, and the way the homepage is set up feels very engaging and makes want to either look like an athlete or work harder to become a better one. What makes it even better is the fact that it is really easy to access and not difficult by any means.

What makes it even better is that it is simplistic in nature and its very fun to search, especially considering the fact that they constantly have good deals for the average customer, and even better deals for the loyal customer. You can look up several different categories in regards to sports, shoes, cloths, brands, jackets etc... Everything is very easy to find and great for athletes who maybe need to but something last minute or in as short Time span.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I chose this picture because of the color contrasts involved here. The focal subject in the picture is surrounded by several opposites. By opposites I mean different colors. Everyone that is trying to stop him is wearing white, which draws my attention right back to the middle. Purple normally being a calm color, looks rather intense in this picture followed with the yellow. I think the white makes the both colors stand out even more than normal. The Law of proximity is present here, especially with all of these people grouped together. I even think that the law of closure is evident in this picture because at first glance it does seem as if this is one big object trying to achieve one common goal in getting to the hoop.
Advertising: This picture is a picture that would be featured in SLAM magazines Dunk of the week section, and when you see it, it has a drawing affect. To me it makes me want to play basketball, or jump over a mountain for that matter.
Gestalt: This is defined as having sentimental value, or a unified feeling about a particular image, object, etc... I connect with this magazine picture because it is my favorite player, and I view him as dominate, and unstoppable and this picture does it justice. I like to take that approach into everything that I do and this picture gives me a sense of motivation, and overcoming tough tests and trials. I see the Law off similarity, especially within the arms of Shaquille O'Neal and number 6. If you look at their arms it looks like to parallel lines moving in the same direction, Which could be the Law Of Continuity, and with the other arms you see many different angles. Figure and Ground Relationship, I see it here with the court in the background giving off a landscape type of feel along with the camera man. Everything else looks like an environment where as the players look like the objects. Even Pragnanz can be seen because the camera men look as if they are literally right next to the players but really quite a ways away, thus distorting reality to its simplest form.
This Picture doesn't do the same for me as the first picture. This also is a picture you may find in SLAM magazine.
I do see the use of Lines here, and if you forget the rest of the body and look at the arms you can kind make a 90 degree angle out of his arms alone, and he himself is one vertical line going straight up and down. If you look in the background you can see the use of Horizontal lines in the concessions as far as seating, some railing, and the Toyota signs. There is also evidence of vertical and angled lines. This Picture is also I feel reduced to it's simplest form. There is not a lot of complexity in this picture. Opposite of the first picture, I don't see domination but based off the look on his face I feel like he is in pain


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Contrasted determination. The athletic way of Balance

    I thought this was a great picture to go along with contrast, especially since Cam Newton, (Guy in the picture) is playing in the Super Bowl coming up soon. Contrast has to do with telling a story through color, texture, and psychological factors. There is different colors involved here with similar hues, however; the white shoulder pads stand out and I think they add to the story of the picture to me says that he is going through a tough time, or has a lot of pressure but the white shoulder pads which is different from the rest of the picture shows that the love of the game! I feel like it shows a passion of his. This might fall under harmony more though because of all the common dark colors that make the picture stand out. That particular design shows a man who stands on his own and is on mission, and focused. I get the feeling that if the picture used natural colors, it wouldn't be as awesome or as telling. There isn't a whole lot of balance here because there is only one person in the picture, but the shoulder pads and the football are harmonious and they go together very well getting the point across in simple fashion.
The law of similarity applies here because of the football and the shoulder pads! Both of these objects go hand in hand, and even the law of Pragnanz because I feel that this picture is very simple and not over complicated. This picture speaks volumes because Cam Newton is having a killer season right now, but yet is still catching fire, and is being doubted and scrutinized for having fun and the picture shows a man who isn't going to let the scrutiny kill him, but instead he's focused and is only focused on his job or his mission. Gestalt is very present here because it shows the sentimental value between a man and his love for the game of football.
I chose this picture also because of one aspect of Gestalt, and that being figure and ground relationships. This picture in particular shows the symmetry of the figure and the importance of the ground. The ground gives off a certain vibe as if to say the figure is going to dominate it, and or conquer it which goes along with her face.
The law of Prangnanz, and the law of Continuity are both present in this picture. Pragnanz because it's obvious that the background is fake or from a green room, thus manipulating reality. The law of continuity shows the use of line and they all seem to be moving in the direction of the exit sign which in this case seems to be the path of least resistance. The direction the lines are going and the object they ar moving toward tells a story in itself, I would say one of determination to either finish or leave.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Darius Matthews Viceral response

Darius, why in the world would you select such an image for a visceral response? I assure you it is because there truly is beauty behind this aggressive photo. I myself obviously did not take this picture, but this picture makes me feel a certain way and a shares a sort of common ground with me as a person and my personality in general. Personally I love the black and white contrast in the picture because it brings the picture to life, as if you are right there. The black and white shows more, and does more justice for the grace and beauty behind the beast.
Observing this picture I can see natural use of lines just under the snout, and the shape of the head of the shark. The head is a triangular shape along with the teeth, whereas the inside of the maw uses lines, and a distorted, contorted circular shape.
The image makes me feel a sense of power and confidence. The shark being alone in the picture makes me think, and this is just me, that though the shark is alone, he or she is not weak, but instead confident, bold, and determined to standout as the alpha dog. Away from the rugged feeling I do get a sense of peace as well. Peace because the picture shows the true beauty and swiftness of God's creation that some people find to only be ferocious. It says to me that though I look rough on the outside I am much more and there is more than meets the eye! The dark black background I feel is beautiful, and again symbolizing power, and humbleness but ready for the day of adversity. In my own words the shark is saying, "where is my adversary, bring him to me." I relate that to myself on a spiritual side. 

The spectacular thing is the way that the dark colors and hues make the important details of the shark pop. Revealing great line structure, and small details you wouldn't normally see on discovery channel or a normal picture of a shark!